help norton firewalls not doin nice things to me!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kia, May 18, 2002.

  1. kia

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    Help i can veiw network, web and use kazzaa and irc. But it blocks all my games HL and Renegade plz help i use ics and cannot access game server master server ect on 2nd system
  2. TheBlueRaja

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    Okay, Norton SHOULD ask you to allow something to access the internet whenever it trys for the first time. I presume from your mail that its not doing this so you may have already permanently blocked it by mistake.

    Open up Noron Firewall by clicking in the globe in your system tray.

    I suggest that you first get norton to scan your PC for apps which are allowed to access the internet and set up right automatically. To do this chlik Assistant at the top of the window (next to live update) and then Application Control under Settings. There should now be an option displalyed to scan for Internet applications. Run this.

    Now when thats done go back to the main Norton Firewall screen where you clicked on Assistant and click on the Personal Firewall bar to the left and select Internet Access Control from the list that drops down.

    In here will be all the programs that Norton has seen trying to access the internet and the access rights it has. Look for the programs which you are having difficulty with and select the approprite level of access on the right hand side. (it may now be set correctly however after the scan).

    Good Luck
  3. kia

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    its over a network

    apps on the gateway can acsess the net but not on my system eg gamespy I can conect to the chat but i cant get a server list.
    so i can not play any game on 2nd system or get a server list or auth
  4. find something on your firewall that allows a program to amke your computer a server....
  5. Hipster Doofus

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    Similar thing happens to me using zone alarm. I have to turn it off to get any addresses coming through & play the game. :mad:
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    I personnaly dont like it, Norton 2002 VS and NeoWatch work best for me.

    Bundles etc just screw everything up on my comp.