Help networking NT 4.0 Workstation to XP Home

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by shadebs, Feb 2, 2002.

  1. shadebs

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    I have been trying to network these two machines to gether via a simple 4 port hub.
    The XP Home machine has TCP/ip and NetBIOS over tcp enabled with static ip addresses, and Client for MS Networks, and File adn Printer sharing.
    The NT 4.0 SP6 Workstation has Computer Browser,NetBIOS, RAS, RPC, Server and Workstation as "services" and tcp/ip as the protocol using a static IP address.
    They "ping" each other OK using ip addresses and now works for names as I have put them in the hosts files.
    The problem is the "My Network Places - View Workgroup computers" on XP and the "Network Neighbourhood" on the NT do not show the other machine (or in the case of the NT box not even itself!)
    I have read lots of advise and tried lots of things, adn have been working on it for nearly a month but no success! Help! I just want so share some files and a printer! Has anybody "done" this combination.
  2. MaDCeLL

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    have us tried a "net use" with the IP ?

    like "net use z: \\\share" ?
  3. shadebs

    shadebs Guest

    Yes I have done "net use". Get System Error 53. The network path not found (after it has asked if I want to dial up to find the path)
  4. greensteed

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    I have an XP home laptop and an NT 4 laptop on my home network.

    I can get the NT laptop to see the shared area on the XP machine and put files there. I haven't got the XP machine to get to the NT yet. (The NT laptop is a company job so I can't change much on it).

    On XP I used the nettwork wizard to share the shared documents area. On NT map a drive to \\XP computer name\Shared Documents

    Remember it is case sensitive. (That threw me for a while).

    If you want more info like protocol settings etc just say.

    I'm looking to share a printer but cos they are laptops I don't want the printer plugged into a machine onits usb or parallel port. I want it on the network in some way (i.e. off the hub). Havn't figured that one out yet but I've seen a netjet box which might do it.
  5. JJB6486

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    West Lafayette, IN, USA
    On the NT4 machine, make sure that NetBEUI is disabled, and NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled. Windows XP does not have support for NetBEUI by default.

  6. shadebs

    shadebs Guest

    Thanks for your replies!
    I don't have NetBEUI on either machine only TCP/IP and NetBioS over TCP/IP is enabled (I think as this is no obvious in NT - Not just a tick box like XP!) .

    I tried your mapping (many ways and cases!) but nothing. COuld you let me know your settings?
  7. relder

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    I have a 9 computer LAN running all OSs including XP Home, Pro and NT. All communicate just fine.

    System error 53 indicates a connection problem either with IP or name resolution. If you ran the network connection wizard, its possible that it installed ICF. You may want to go to the properties page of your LAN connection, advanced tab and make sure that ICF is not loaded.

    This is one of the ONLY reasons suggest installing NetBEUI. You can load it on your XP Home from your installation CD.
    \valueadd\msft\net\netbeui folder.
  8. greensteed

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    On my NT laptop I have these settings (note as I already said it is a work laptop so these are as set by them and I am sure they are not all needed by me at home)
    NETWORK Settings

    Client Service for Netware
    Computer Browser
    Netbios Interface
    Remote Access Service
    RPC configuration

    NWlink IPX/SPX Compatible Transport
    NWlink Netbios
    TCP/IP protocol

    Integrated Netflex-3 10 UTP Module PCI bus 0

    On XP laptop

    Client for Microsoft Networks
    File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
    Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

    IP Settings - DHCP Enabled
    DNS - Append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes
    - Append parent suffixex of the primary DNS suffix
    - Register this connections addresses in DNS
    WINS - Enable LMHOSTS lookup
    - Netbios default
    OPTIONS - All ports and protocols are permitted

    Authenticate as computer

    Nothing (ICF is unchecked)

    (The XP settings all defaults I think)
    Both laptops are hung off a NAT router/switch.
    I dunno if this helps.

    I'd just note again that when you map the drive you must get the case exactly right or you get path not found.
  9. shadebs

    shadebs Guest

    Thanks for the settings. But unfortunatly they did not work for me, but what I have done is put the NetBEUI on both machines and it now works.

    I know I should not need it but I have be faffing with this for so long and want something that works!

    In answer to relder - ICF is linstalled but not ticked for the LAN. Would this stop the NetBIOS working (My Network)?

    Thanks for your help
  10. clutch

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    Well, here's a couple of things to check:

    1. Make sure that NetBIOS is enabled over TCP/IP on both workstations, and

    2. Check to see if the Firewall is enabled in Windows XP (or if there is one on the NT box). This will also can your NetBIOS traffic, and keep you from seeing any machines in Network Neighborhood.

    If you can, check these out and get rid of NetBEUI. It was a nice and fast protocol for its time, but it is dead now and should finally be buried.
  11. relder

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    What connection is ICF enabled on. You didn't mention any other connections in your orignal write up.
  12. shadebs

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    Clutch. Thanks but this what I have been doing for the last month with no progress (which is why I gave up an put NetBEUI on!)
    (Relder). The ICF is on the "modem" intenet link and not "on" on the LAN connection.