help needed - screen flickers during game

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by muzikool, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. muzikool

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    I downloaded a simple game called Dynomite from Popcap Games, and the game flickers when I play. I have a PIII 800 with 384 RAM and a 16MB NVidia card... which I believe is plenty. Attempted solutions have been uninstalling and reinstalling, changing to 800X600, changing to 16-bit color, playing both full-screen and windowed, and I even downloaded and installed DirectX 9. None of these attempts have fixed the problem yet. I've played this game on a laptop with lesser specs and had no problem whatsoever. When I say that the game flickers, usually the bottom half or so of the screen shifts back and forth every few seconds. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what else I should try? Thanks.
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    I've got that game!! its great!!

    Have you tried changing your graphic card drivers? Might help. What drivers do you have now?
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    Yep I agree - check for driver update and also possibly increase screen resolution.
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    My NVidia driver is version, updated last on 9/27/02. I've also tried resolution of 800x600, 1024 and 1152... no success yet. I haven't checked NVidia's site yet for an updated driver, but the one I have installed is the latest that I found on Windows Update.
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    I updated the NVidia driver for my card, and the game works fine so far. Looks like everything is gonna be ok... thanks for the help!