help me!!! intel p3 givin problems

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by sushiljadhwani, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. i m using a p3 650 mhz pro in my office

    the problem is that the processor just shows 434 mhz of speed and 66 mhz bus wherelse it should be 650 mhz and 100 mhz bus

    i tried checkin the bios where i can change somethin but nothin i could do.

    i m usin win 2000 and i tried even usin the intel pro frequency id utility, it shows the same

    Processor System Bus

    Reported Frequency : 434 MHz 66 MHz

    Expected Frequency : 650 MHz 100 MHz

    Please help me solvin this ****

    Thanx in advance
    ~sush~ :confused:
  2. kyndl7

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    Look for the motherboard jumpers that set 66/100mhz fsb
  3. RagnaroK

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    If you can't change it in BIOS (which you should be able to, unless the board is really old) then do like kyndl7 said and find the jumpers. Should be stated in the motherboard's manual.

  4. lemme try it out!!

    lemme try it out!!

    will reply back with the results :)