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    Does anyone know to create either package files or class files for LaTeX to format a document. I am in the process of writing my dissertation and am using LaTeX to free myself from the all the problems of having to format it all myself in word. The trouble is that I am not able to really create my own formatting correctly and my University doesnt provide a LaTeX style or class document to aid me in this.

    Can anyone help me create either a style or class document to format my work according to the following style

    1.25 inches left and right
    1 inch top and bottom

    Center bottom (LaTeX report document class seems to do this already)

    Single-sided printing. I have this setup using onside in the options area of the \documentclass command

    Normal text should be 12pt, Times New Roman and 1.5 line spacing
    Currently I am specifying the 12pt in the \documentclass options and the 1.5 line spacing with the following
    \setlength{\baselineskip}{1.5\baselineskip} % 1.5 line spacing

    Chapter level heading: 18pt bold
    ex: Chapter 2. Chapter Level Heading
    Section level heading: 14pt bold
    ex: 1.4 Section Level Heading
    Subsection level heading: 12pt bold
    ex: 3.2.3 Subsection Level Heading

    ex (examples) included to show numbering style. Current LaTeX report document class does the numbering properly, but I dont know about the sizes.

    Each chapter must start on a new page documentclass openany seems to do this properly. Numbering follow consistently (one of the beauties of using LaTeX)

    Program Code
    I'll use \begin{verbatim} blocks for these, but they need to be
    10pt, Courier New, single spaced. Currently my 1.5 line spacing thing does it to all lines of the document.
    Blocks or complete lines of code need to be indented. Smaller segments need to be bold and inline with normal text (using \verb, code sequence,)
    Need a way to show variable elements of the code as italic, underlined, 12pt and Times new roman text.

    Citations and References
    Citations need to be in the harvard style. I have this currently working using the harvard.sty package.
    Quotation blocks I have been using \begin{quote} and \begin{quotation} depending on if the quotation includes blank lines within it. Its my understanding that quotation handles blank lines while quote does not. Though I could swap over to using only quotation if thats easier for a formatting.
    The quotation blocks need to be italic and single line spaced as well as indented.
    References are currently my largest problem, we are supposed to be using the Harvard referencing stule and despite using the harvard agsm.bst BibTeX style and harvard.sty I cannot get these formatted correctly. The proper format is this
    If its possible to separately style the \cite within a \begin{quote} block and a \cite which is not in a quote block then the \cite within a quote block needs to be right aligned though not exceeding the normal right side indentation of the \begin{quote} block.

    If anyone has any experience with LaTeX and thinks they can help me out with formatting my document properly then please let me know, post suggestions here and so on.
    If its really effective and I have permission from all who assist me I may provide the file to my University department for future project students to make use of.