Help installing AR Ramdisk 1.2

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Powerchordpunk, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. I have XP Home and was having some trouble with installing AR Ramdisk with both methods described. When I get to the Add/Remove Hardware Wizard I can't click show all devices because it freezes after that. When I go to install through the system devices hardware category, An error says "The Specified Location does not contain any information about your hardware." When I do the right click install on the .inf, I reboot and nothing has changed. (No Icon in Program files) Does anyone have a step by step guide or advice on what to do? thanks.
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    I just got done installing it on Xp Home.Here we go...

    Set a restore point(always).
    Start the Add Hardware Wizard.
    Click next.
    Let it search,then click"Yes, I have already connected the Hardware".
    Highlight "add a new hardware device".Click next.
    Choose "Install the hardware that i manually select from a list".Click next.
    Highlight "Show all devices".Click next.
    Wait while it brings the window up(could be a minute or two-please be patient)
    Click "Have Disk".
    Browse to the Ramdisk.inf file.
    Click OK.

    That should work(it did for me).It may not be freezing when it brings up the "Show all Devices" window.It takes a few minutes to bring that up.Let it sit and see what it does(you may want to close any apps that are running to speed up the process).

    Hope this does the trick for you.
  3. thanks. the patience part did the trick.
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    How much RAM are you going to set it to use?I set mine at 50 megs,but I have no idea how big it can be without hurting performance.
  5. at least 5-10 megs. That will be where the temporary internet files go. (and everytime the computer restarts it is clean, I think)

    What else should I put on there?
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    I haven't put anything else but the internet temp folder yet.I'm gonna leave it at that for awhile,until I get an urge to play with something else.
    I wonder if you could put the page file on it?Bet you can somehow,I'm just not sure.