Help! I caught the "Nimda" virus =(

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Winter, Aug 7, 2002.

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    Me and Taurus were going to reformat my aunt's computer so we transfered all her music to my hard drive before we left to work... then I come back home that night only to find out my comp. is all f*cked to hell...

    There are tons of .eml files being created constantly that are filling up my hard drive to the brim... a crapload of my programs are un-openable and are pretty much useles now... I can't reformat my c: drive in DOS, so I have no idea what to do... I tried an online virus scanner which found the infected files but wasn't able to clean them all...

    I'm all out of ideas... someone help :(
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    i found it using swat it, and it also fixed it... the link was around here somewere, just search for it, great trojan and bot remover!
  4. I was gonna post somethin about this little ***** of a virus/worm whatever the hell it is, as you can tell im pissed, and most of my foul language is probably being blocked out, but the stupid work is in my routers ram, and 5 of my computers, i ran those removal tools on all the computers but its still there. My 2 cents.