help! Geforce 2 64mg having problems!

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by TooCoolTang, Dec 4, 2001.

  1. TooCoolTang

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    :confused: I am soo boggled. I had XP installed before i got my Geforce 2 and it worked fine. I ended up having to reformat completely and it went back to Win98 SE. I then installed my card and installed XP. now when i go to play my favorite game, Counter-strike, every 5 seconds it throws in a nasty little chop, sort of like a .03 second lag spike. I AM BAFFLED!!! please, if u know anything about this i would be very grateful if u posted a reply and emailed me at if u need to know, here is a little bit about my comp...

    Compaq Presario PC100
    500 mhz AMD processor
    194 mg SDRAM
    Geforce 2 64meg card
    Windows XP Professional
    Thanx alot!
  2. Nostradamus

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    Try This is a great site for geforce and other graphic card problems.:cool:
  3. mavis

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    well I'll be damned!!!

    If it isn't my little buddy Tang!!! Wassup man? See, if you had only listened to me in the first place, and got that Radeon 64MB DDR VIVO card, you know - the one with horrible driver support??


    lol, anyway wish I could help ya buddy but I don't know anything about GeForce cards, never had one.

    see ya online! I'm gonna kick your ass too, you cocky bastard! :p