help gefo2 ti 500 and xp

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bas, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. bas

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    i have a problem i dont know what to do !
    i have gainward gefo 2 ti 500 and xp the driver coming with xp doesnt work with my graka : the just detected a gefo 2 gts and i couldnt play any game i just got a black screens or my monitor was shuting down but the sound was running.
    then i installed the new detonator 23.11 and it was the same .
    then i installed the 12.41 for 2000 and it was the same .
    i also switcht the agp in bios to 2x and i installed the new 4in1 drivers from via and the refresh rate tool from nvidia.
    please help me !!!

    system :
    duron 1 ghz
    asus a7v ( newest bios )
    384 mb ram
    gainward gefo 2 500 ti

    sorry for bad english
  2. bas

    bas Guest

    i now testet with my gefo2gts and it was no problem all run good,
    then i testet a gefo3 ti 200 and i had the same prob as before .
    can it be that xp has a problem with ti cards ?
    and is there a fix aviable ?
  3. bas

    bas Guest

    yeah it works !
    dont know why i didnt changed something ... but it works :)
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    I noticed you really like posting to yourself! ;) Only jessin

    Dont understand what could be wrong...yet