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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by forcer, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. forcer

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    i need a driver for my sound card.

    ive currently used 2. one only let my right speaker work and other keeps cutting out causing me to re-load the driver.

    sound card n info:

    Onboard sound, on the board: VT8367-8235
    so its a via technology sound card. On windows XP.
    currently using a random c-media driver which is really bad.

    any help appreciated
  2. dreamliner77

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  3. forcer

    forcer OSNN Senior Addict

    nope not overclocked, nor do i think its a hardware issue coz i have had two of the same board but for some reason it has a slight incompatiablity with my speaker setup, i managed to fix that with the driver i'm using now a c-media one because it lets u manage your setup better but for example, if i switch between 2 folder really fast and it makes that little click twice reslly fast it will cut my sound out forcing me to either restart or disable the driver then enable it. this can happen wenever two sounds trying to lpay at once or something... i need a new card but until then i am trying to fix it
  4. Lee

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    Try windows update, when on win 98 millions of moons ago, it gave a fix for that c-media and a fix for it causing explorer crash.