Help :-( Did something BAD! Now I need help to fix it!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by KMA, Jul 19, 2002.

  1. KMA

    KMA Guest is the story... I tryed to get the Intel software to work for my Cam on xp...I figured I would set all the exe files to work with 98-mil... so I did that...then i got it to install..with a few install errors..but it installed.
    Now the problem...I have since found out that the damm thing still won't I uninstalled what I can...deleted the folders that would not uninstall...and deleated the reg folders for intel.
    But when i boot...i get FOUND NEW HARDWARE..and it trys to install drivers for... Intel Native Acoustic Echo Canceller.
    If I click ok to install auto.... It REBOOTS like yesterday. POOF IT'S OFF !

    I went to device manager and uninstalled this...but it comes right back....I tryed to set it not use's back.

    How the hell do I get rid of this stupid thing?

    Please help. :(
  2. System Restore!


    This is everyone's fault but mine
  3. KMA

    KMA Guest

    Nope...did not help

    tryed that restore...still want's to install that thing.
    any other ideas?:(
  4. KMA

    KMA Guest

    Please help...I'm going nuts trying to fix this.

    I have tryed several restore points....nothing helps.
    when I get the box for new hardware that says
    Intel Native Acoustic Echo Canceller wants to install.

    I can not uninstall it from divice just comes back.

    If I let it install the drivers it crashes and reboots right away.

    How to I clear this and have it never try to install this thing.

    Nothing has been added....NO new hardware.

    Please help me.


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  6. deesnuts

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    check startup to see if it put an EXE file there

    also check msconfig - startup

    might want to try viro scan
  7. Jz1397-5

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    have you tried it on another computer?