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    Chap died and went to Hell.
    "i dont want to be here" he said
    " oh I think you will like it down her " said the Devil
    "well Mondays is a good day --you can smoke all you want they cant give you cancer you are already dead"
    "oh I see " said the chap/
    "tuesday's is a good day as well "said the devil "you can drink all you want --you cant damage your liver ---you are already dead"
    " I might get to like it down here what happens on Wednesdays?

    " Oh thats when you can eat all you want--you cant get Heart failutre cause you're already dead

    " wow I am beginning to like it down here "

    " yes on Thursday's you can have sex all day with all the young ladies"

    " Yes I like the idea of being down here now what about Friday's?

    " Er-- are you Gay??"

    " no ---why?"

    " you wont like Fridays then"
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