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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by G-Money, Dec 29, 2001.

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    First off what is better ? The AMD MP, XP, or Thunderbird ?

    Also this 1600+,1800+... etc. How do you tell what the CPU speed is ?

    Then is RAMBUS Ram better then DDR ram?

    Is a P4 or 3 better the a AMD (MP,XP..)?

    Thanks for the input. There are alot of kind people on this forum.

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    Here's a donation link ... Only cash though :D...

    The proccesor depends on who you talk to... Some people swear by Intel, even saying that certain programs and the internet only work correctly with intel processors...

    I believe the MP, XP, And I know Thunderbirds are all ATHLON processors... The older thunderbirds were 200mhz the newer ones are 266mhz. The motherboard has to be set to the proccesor... They aren't interchangable...

    I've seen a test of PIVs with Rambus, Sdram, and DDR in, I think, PC World... The DDR ram beat out the rambus and the SDRAM came in close, but behind, the rambus... I think Rambus is highly overated by Intel...

    As far as the speeds thats something that continually confuses me... The NAME of the processor indicates the equivalent Intel speed...

    hope that helps some...