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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by aletank, May 14, 2002.

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    I have a Head set(microphone & headphones) which i use for playing Half Life-Days of Defeat.

    I had XP and a ATI 32MB Rage Fury Pro graphics card and all worked fine. I've just done a clean install of XP converting to NTFS and installed a new Abit GeForce 3TI200 128DDR DVI &TV out graphics card useing the latest 28.32 driver.

    Now the problem is I'm only getting sound out of the left ear speaker. If i unplug the microphone connection both ear speakers work. This is not just games but Audio CD's too.

    the headset is a Labtec Axis- 302

  2. freightgod

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    this is gonna sound dumb, but it's happened to me a few times...

    unplug ALL your inputs to the soundcard, get down there on hands and knees and plug 'em back in carefully, making sure you're in the right holes....

    doesn't sound like it has anything to do with reinstalling....

    good luck! let us know when you've figured it out
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    Thanks for the reply freightgod,

    I have just checked them unplugged and plugged them back in but still the same.

    I know this sounds dumb but to stop happening what you said i put coloured rubber bands on the plugs so I definatly get nothin mixed up !! LOL so they are plugged in to the same holes that worked previously
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    sounds like there might be a short in the headset, itself. that's all i can think of. try to borrow another headset from a friend and try it...?
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    I only bought the head set about 2/3 weeks back from PC World, so i took them back today they tested them on there system and they was the same.They've exchange them for a new set with no problems even though i had no reciept and said anymore probs bring them back for a refund. Just tested these at PC World to make sure these are OK and they are workin at home now.

    So maybe it was just a coinsidense that they broke just as I upgraded my graphics card or maybe something has caused them to short, I'll just have to keep my eye or ear as the case maybe open !! LOL