Having a problem playing Lan games

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by qbclub13, Jun 22, 2002.

  1. qbclub13

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    I have done just about all I know to do I have a Windows Xp pc hooked to a Windows Me pc.

    Here is my set up

    Dsl modem hooked to uplink on the workgroup swith
    2 100 base ethernet cards in each pc
    all four cards are pluged into the back of the workgroup swith.

    I can transfer files use the dsl connection on both pcs.

    On the XP pc:
    The problem is when I try to play lan games the games are trying to use the dsl connection ip address instead of the other ip I have set up.

    On the Me pc:
    The games show the

    So I need to be able to tell my xp machine to use the
    Ipaddress that I have set up.

    If anyone knows haow to do this I would be more than gratefull.

    To sum it up I want to use one set of cards for the dsl and one set for lan gaming.
  2. mbunny

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    Why do you have 4 network cards in 2 pc's???

    If your cable connection is going through the switch then you shouldn't have an issue. Just a tad of overkill with network cards....
  3. qbclub13

    qbclub13 Guest

    I was thinking that with the dsl connected I would need seperate cards to play games without lagging to bad.

    My switch and all cards are 100 base stuff.Do I need only 1 card in each pc?

    If I do this how can I stop the dsl from connecting while I'm playing games across the lan.I was really only having a problem with ea sports Superbike 2001 ,this was the reason I went and got 2 extra cards.
  4. qbclub13

    qbclub13 Guest

    Ok I did this and now the dsl works on both pc's but they will not connect to each other.
  5. wbeach

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    Workgroups need to be the same.

    Ip's obtained automattically are not always different by one.

    Ip's connected via a hub and not directly will have ip's probably not even close to eachother, since it's no longer the host computer providing your ip, but your isp.

    Computers need a way to login one another. Via user accounts or guest accounts. (related to only file transfers and not games)

    My suggestion is to figure out your ip addresses and then use them.

    don't assume one is close to the other.

  6. qbclub13

    qbclub13 Guest

    I got going with 2 network cards and a workgroup switch.

    Thanks for all your help and suggetions.