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    Im having problems with my computer starting up by itself. Ive gotten a new power cord, new power surger, and had it checked by a "professional" and no one knows why its doing this. Anyone have a clue?
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    eh - starting up automatically ?

    you sure u SHUT IT DOWN ? not just standby or something ?

    Do u use a surge protector ?

    is the time it takes to restart always the same... or does it differ ?

    If you know how to mess with bios/cmos go through it look for an option to do with timing...
    if u don't then reset bios to default...

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    yes, it is shut down all the way. It says windows is shutting down, and the power completely goes out. I unplugged it just to make sure, then plugged back in. It just starts up, I see my Compaq logo, then the little status bar, it takes the exact same amount of time to boot, then i get the user screen.

    I didnt see anything about timing in the bios, but i set it to default, but the thing still starts up.

    I do use a surge protector, and ive replaced it and tried using others, even different power cords and such. I have to either unplug it or turn it off from the back, but when I do that it always runs scandisk and says windows wasnt shut down properly.
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    Ehh, do you use a modem? I know some of those can turn on the pc automatically (some wake on shit I believe:) ). A friend of mine have XP, and when someone was trying to dialing him, the modem turned on the PC! Crazy it is, but it's worth a check!
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    Check your BIOS and make sure all the Wake-on options are disabled, if it still happens you may have a short in the power supply or on the motherboard.
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    Have you a restart after power loss option in your Bios