Has someone phoned me when I was online ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Rami, Nov 22, 2002.

  1. Rami

    Rami Guest

    Hello guys,

    I wonder if there is a method that I can know if someone is phoning me while im connected to the internet. I use a dial up modem.

    Do I need a special hardware (( A special modem )) ?
    Or do I need a special telephone service (( like call waiting )) ?
    Or do I need a special software that does that ?

    Or do I need ALL the previous items ?

    this is like a multiple choice question :D

    Note: I'm very new at internet stuff.

    Please help me :(
  2. Hipster Doofus

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    Melbourne Australia
    Well you don't need call waiting. If that is on & someone calls you loose the connection to the web.
  3. Rami

    Rami Guest

    Yeah but how can I know that someone is actually calling me right now ?
    because when I'm online, the line is busy>
  4. Zedric

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    You can't unless your phone company has this service to offer. At least not as far as I know.
  5. 2z

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    Internet Alert IA510

    Most Internet users share a single telephone line for all Internet and telephone activities. During Internet sessions, incoming calls are missed. Internet Alertâ„¢ is the cost-effective way to create a virtual second line.

    Using Call Waiting telephone service, Internet Alertâ„¢ identifies the presence of an incoming call and gives the user the option to take the second call or carry on surfing.


  6. Khayman

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    I have seen software to do this but it does depend on some services you phone company offers, as Zedric says, can't remember what though
  7. scriptasylum

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    Modems that support the V.92 standard will allow you to put your internet connection "on hold" for a short duration to take a quick call. Your ISP has to support V.92 as well and you have to have the call-waiting service.
  8. Eck

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    www.callwave.com is alright. I used it for about 6th months until I finally gave in and bought a second phoneline. It's easy to set up and it's free. You can't minimize it, but it's not that big. It's free because of the ads it displays when it's not getting calls. You do have to set up "call forward on busy" with your phone service, but when I set it up, it was only like $2.00 a month if I remember correctly. One thing though, you can't accept the call. When someone calls, it just shows the number of the person calling and then it plays the message they leave. It's nice for something free.
  9. Rami

    Rami Guest

    Thank you all guys for helping :) , this is really the best forum in the world :)

    Eck, I think the program u said only works in usa and maye uk :) , this is my problem.

    So I have to do what scriptacy and TwoZigzagColt45 have just said.

    Thank you all : Hipster Doofus , Khayman, Zedric ,