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    :confused: DvD drive been playing up for awhile now and the other nite if crashed my pc and something inside was smelling real nasty ,so i open up and took out the well toasted dvd drive.Then to my complete horror when i rebooted the bios set up page did not open and it said no signal on the screen and then just shut down,,so put in an old isa card to get things running witch has worked.need to know what has blown agp slot or my gts 2 card and is there anything that i can do to test this,thanks for any ideas.
    amd 1ghz
    512 pc 133
    hercules 64 mb gts 2 pro
    socket a mainboard
    sl-755kav-x series
  2. rettahc

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    The best to test tell which one is fried would be to put the video card into another machine. But it sounds like the card is probably shot.
  3. Nick M

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    I say the DVD drive screwed the Video Card over. Try this card in another PC, if it does not work, then I believe that your card is nice n crispy. Destroy it and post pics here :)
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    Birmingham, UK
    firstly trash the DVD drive... hope no nice cd got destroyed in it... (make sure u check for that though... i have bad expeirence of losing a backup cd full of work like that)

    Then... firstly... go to rear of machine.. take out monitor cable... look at it... then put it back in... see if it boots... if not...

    pull out monitor cable... take out gfx card.. try in another machine... if it works... get another gfx card stick it into the machine which had the fried dvd drive...

    something outta that lot gotta 'not work' else your monitor is screwed :/

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    Well it took awhile to sort out,but now my new gainwood ultra/750 xp is in place things seem to be looking better now :) thanks for your ideas..
  6. Nick M

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    You're welcome :) Hope you enjoy your new card.