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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by q12368c, Jun 5, 2006.

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    My PC have 3 harddisk, one of them would like to disconnect (the harddisk drive letter disappear/no harddisk found in computer management) while the PC is power on and running. It's disappear randomly..it give me many trouble.

    During this problem I have to open the case and disconnect/connect again the IDE/power cable then it's running normally.

    Also it can't detect it when sometimes power on the PC(but not everyday)..

    My PC just brought for a year, everything is new except the harddisk is used for 4 years, but it is working fine with no any problem(except it is disconnect)

    I have this problem again when in my old PC..

    What problem ? virus or it's aging problem of hardware?
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    Try a different IDE cable. It might have a loose wire. If you don't have another cable swap the two you do have and see if the problem follows the cable to another drive.
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    Yeah I'd say the cable is at fault, perhaps the IDE channel as well.