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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Eproxus, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. Eproxus

    Eproxus Long gone and now back!

    When just doing Windows 2000 with quite much harddrive load on my C: disk (which is pretty old) the computer hung and I reseted. Imagine my surprise and fear when the computer booted into black after BIOS. Inserting the Windows 2000 CD told me (after 5 min waiting for seemly nothing, or perhaps my HD) that I had fallen under the power of "Disk I/O error: 00008021".

    A quick Google search gave me 5 german sites with little or no information, a harddrive failure which I already have guessed. The Windows CD also told me that it could not "ArcRead" the disk to get info from it. I booted into recovery console (with insane waiting times again) and could acces the C: disk from there. What I should have learned by now, the disk had become slow. Doubt that I typed "dir" to test if it really was my disk and no Windows RAM disk. Still waiting for the results.

    Now to the help request: Is this a repairable problem? (A german site told me so) What is broken, the file table? The bootsector? And foremost... How do I fix the problem?

    Thanks in advance!

    // Adam
  2. dave holbon

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    Try changing the cable between the drive and the motherboard.

    Old Motorola chips used in ATA data transfer issue this error.
  3. Eproxus

    Eproxus Long gone and now back!

    I'll try that.

    I use an ASUS A7V333 motherboard by the way...

    If I accept that the drive has crashed, is there any way to recover the data? With some program or something, and if I connect it as a second drive?
  4. XP Abuser

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    if your hard drive has destroyed you might be able to get it working again long enough for yo to recover data

    either... (BTW these might sound like BS funny to you - but you have no choice):p

    stick the HD in a plastic bag seal edges of it then stick it in da freezer for 2 hours on max cooling

    if that dont work

    drop the drive about 2ft onto a hard surface then see if it works
    if that dont work...

    get a professional data recovery company to sort you out - but be warned. they charge alot :happy:
  5. scriptasylum

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    I'm sure XP Abuser meant these steps as a last resort.

    Before going there, I would try the drive in another PC to rule out any problems with your system. If it doesn't even want to try to boot, then you've got problems.

    If your system is OK, does BIOS even recognize that there is a drive attached? If so, you may be able to hook it to another PC as Slave to get your files.
  6. RazerBack

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    Maybe your PSU is ready to go. Mine just went recently, had it for over 2 years. Damn 450 WATT PSU. Took me a couple weeks of figuring it out, since for a couple days it would work and then the next 3 days it wouldn't. Then it would work for another 4 days and lockup, it would do that for a month.

    System lock ups even after a full format, booted into the BIOS, when it can't detect my 1400 Athlon, HD failure on Master and secondary.

    I then bought a new PSU (HELLO 460 WATTs of power) hoping that was the problem since I've exhausted all my knowledge. Hey it worked, looked at my connecter the one that plugs onto the mother board power. On one side of it one of the pin connecters had shorted out. Looked at the motherboard connecter, looked fine.

    Computer back to normal. I'm so happy cost me $100 :eek: