Hard drive regularly losing space

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by RSN, Jul 22, 2002.

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    I'm finding that every day, when I check how much space I have available on my hard drive, Windows Explorer tells me I have about 200MB less than the day before. I am meant to have 10GB available, but one time it came down to less than 2GB, but the suddenly the next day went back up to 10GB. Currently it is going down again, and is at about 8GB, shrinking.

    Also when I delete a program through Control Panel\Add Remove Programs, it doesn't give the space back that the program was occupying.

    Could it be a virus? If so, do you any suggestions which one?

    Any other suggestions?

  2. xsk8zerox

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    Might be the benjamin
  3. RSN

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    Thank you for the suggestion. However I have now checked the description of the Benjamin virus on the Symantec web page, and the signs they mention for recgnising its presence are not there. They say that in the registry, under:


    there should be an entry:

    system-service c:\%system%\explorer.scr

    But there is no such entry in the registry.

    I must admit I have used Kazaa quite a bit, so when I read Symantec’s description of how the virus is spread through Kazaa I thought it might be Benjamin, but now it seems it isn’t.

    Thank you for the suggestion though. Any other suggestions.
  4. MerlinuXP

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    System Restore mayyyyy be enabled....

    You may have "System Restore" Set to quite high and therefore eating up valuable hardrive space to "Backup" windows...

    Right Click My Computer...
    Select tab: System Restore

    and either decrease the setting or turn it off completely...

    see if that solves the problem...
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    when you bootup do you get any msg saying there is iminent HDD failure or anything of the sort...

    to see fluctuations of 8 gigs is odd... specially if not benjamin...

    you have run scandisk I presume and found no inherent damage to your drive?
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    thats abit like my hard drive,yesterday before installing mohaa i had like 32gb`s free that went down to 31 after installation then after i uninstalled it a few hours later i only regained about 500mb`s of memory so where did the other 500mb`s go?
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    Try this free utility to see which files are eating up your HDD space

    sequoiaview here