Hard drive problem...need help!!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Gundam F91, Sep 1, 2003.

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    I recently got a 200GB Western Digital SE drive. I planed to move some stuffs from my other hard drives onto there. So I did all the format and stuffs. But after I move the files from my other hard drive onto the 200GB, the files seems to disappear. I cannot see any files but one in Windows. I used the command prompt and see if the files are still there, they seems to be there. I tried to use the chkdsk from Windows but it would not let me run. So I rebooted the system and now the whole hard drive is recognize as unformatted. Can someone help me with the problem? Please help!! :(

    My system basic specs:
    Windows 2000 professional with SP4
    AMD Athlon XP 2100+
    Abit KR7A-Raid
    512MB DDR RAM
    Creative Live! 5.1 Platinum
    80GB Seagate (boot drive)
    And some of the essential stuffs like LAN card and such
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    Do not panic!

    Get a copy of partition magic or norton and see if they can see the missing data. Whatever you do DON"T reformat or repartition the new or old drive. The files should be mostly recoverable from one place or the other.

    Assuming you really did a move and not a copy - Bad idea to do a file move. You want to copy first then verify the data made it AND if its a new drive run it for a month before deleting the originals!

    You should be able to recover the originals on the old drive using Norton. Do that first. Then see if you can get Norton or Partition Magic to identify the partition and data on the new drive.

    The 200GB drive is bigger than windows was originally designed to handle so you have to install updates. I think those updates were in Win 2000 SP4 but I'm not sure. In any event the problem is most likely with windows recognizing a drive that big.

    Go to the western digital web site and search FAQ and Help for any information on using the big drives in windows.
  3. Gundam F91

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    Sadly, I used move instead of copy. I regret that I did not just use copy. I did not think this kind of thing would happen, since I done this kind of thing before but for Windows 98SE not Windows 2000 professional.

    How does Partition Magic see the missing data? I only used it couple times before, so I am not sure the entire features it got. As for Norton, does Norton Utilities 2001 work? Or do I need a newer version? I should use the Norton Undelete wizard or something like that? How much data would the Norton be able to recover? I have about 135GB of data. :(

    The problem appears when I first move the files to the new drive, but after moving, only one file appear. I tried to use chkdsk for it, but it says that the drive is RAW and need formatting. I think it should be able to recognize the size properly, so I do not think that is the problem.