hard drive lost it letters ?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by SkidMark, Mar 18, 2002.

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    i run 2 HD 's , the first with 2 partitions , (system and games )
    the seconf HD udes to be 2 equally sized logical partitions for data . I used partition magic to resize them (running out of space on one of them) , i've done this many a time with 98 or Me
    all went well in Partition magic , but when i rebooted XP no longer sees the last drive ... or rather it does , kind of ..

    the HD shows up fine in bios , in device manager , it even shows up in XP's disk management , wierd thing is it just the 2 partitions
    as being "healthy" but no drive letters are assigned !
    i try to assign letters manually , but it wont let me

    i dont want to re-create partitions , etc. cos i dont want t olose the data on them .

    help , any ideas ?
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    Missing Drive letters

    If you have recently installed EZ CD Creator or Nero that could be your problem - check both there knowledgebases for solutions.