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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by toxicity, Jan 1, 2003.

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    Happy New Year everyone!!!
    (Sorry, other forum was locked and i couldnt post in there. I really want to get this over with before i start school again and have no time.)

    Recently I bought a new Hard drive. (Western Digital Special Edition 100Gb 8mb Buffer) I want to set this up as my master and my current one (Samsung SV4002H) as my slave. However, i dont want to lose all my date on my current one. I have WinXP. What is the best way to do this?

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    You can copy all your data to the new drive with Norton Ghost or Powerquest Drive Image.
    Use, while doing this, your new HD as slave
    (new HD should be formatted and activated !)

    Then swith the new one to primary. If everything runs fine, format the old one.
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    If you bought a boxed HDD from an outlet store there should have been a disk with the soft ware to do this for you. If not you can go to the Western Digital site and down load the latest version of install software... (You will need version 10.) I have done this and it works very well.......

    WD Life Guard
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    Just one more option for you - XP's built in Files & Settings Transfer Wizard.
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    ok, this is what i did. I installed WinXp on my Western digital and left my samsung as it is. i figured ill just copy whatever i need over when am done. However, when i set my WD as master and my Samsung as Slave, i cant boot up. I get a "Disk Read Error" message. It works when i have samsung as master and WD as slave, when i just have WD as master, and when i just have Samsung as master. My Bios is detecting the samsung as slave however it wont boot. I tried putting my WD in the primary IDE as master and Samsung in the secondary as master and it works. However, the lengths of the IDE cables wont let me use my CDRW and my DVD-Rom.

    HELP PLZ!!!
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    If you have the hard drives working as you want then longer ide cables is the way to go. Quick trip down to the computer shop. :)
  8. at this point you have two disks with boot sectors so depending on where they are plugged it the bios is confused. the little jumpers only work with the bios. once the post test is done it goes to the boot sector and boot.ini file to find OS to boot to. if the disks are moved so these paths are changed the computer doesn't know what to do. and if you installed xp on second drive while plugged into running computer with first drive then it would have setup a dual boot machine but there still only one system partition.
    to ghost would have been best (it would have copied everything as needed, including boot sectors and even resized the drive if that was needed) then put it primary the other format as second drive.

    cable select, its the cable that gives you this, nothing else (ata100/133 80 wire w/ black,grey, blue connectors). this is handy, i put every drive i use to this setting. you have to use master/slave on 40 pin cables but all i use for everything is ata100/133 80 wire cables (all drives as they are better with noise, not the kind you can hear and cheap) thus with them anything plugged in black connector is master, anything in grey slave (blue always goes on controller). saves alot of time/headaches when moving stuff alot. never have to play with jumpers again, just move cable connectors:D
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    A little more info to go along with spikemic's answer...

    Cable Select .......