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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by dreamworks, Jan 14, 2004.

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    Hello ...

    Recently, while I was using my PC, it suddenly froze and the only thing I could do is do a hard reset. After I restart my PC, windows is not able to load anymore. Everytime the start-up option appears and no matter which option I choose, it just somehow freeze half way and no other message appears. I took the hard drive and plug it into another PC, and went online to Seagate's website and check on it. A return bad S.M.A.R.T. message was all I get and that my drive is still under warranty. Does that mean its about time's up for my hard disk?

    Appreciate any advise .. thanks!
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    That's what SMART is for: to tell you if there's a problem. Although, your PC should've warned you before it went bad. Maybe you don't have SMART enabled in your BIOS?

    Anyway, it doesn't look good. You could try hooking it as a slave drive and extracting whatever files you need off before you RMA it.

    I suppose you could try formatting again, but it's probably gonna fail again even if you can get it to work again. I wouldn't trust it.
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    Thanks .. I have immediately salvage and transfer whatever data I can, but along the way I have errors and etc. I'll need to do a format to ensure the data is wiped out at least on a primary level before I send it for RMA.

    But the funny thing is I'd remember I enable SMART for the hard drive when I did the PC last time .. strange? :( Thanks again ..