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  1. RazerBack

    RazerBack The First Rebirth

    Hello, World. Say hello to GeekMan.

    In the electrical rumblings and hypnotic winking lights of the early computing machines, the seeds of this creature began to germinate. Carefully nurtured through punch cards and vacuum tubes, the computer geek took hold of the business world, fighting paper files and data inefficiency. Fueled by sugar and caffeine their ranks grew rapidly. First local domination was achieved through computer clubs and gaming parties. Then they began to recruit more to their cause, spreading the word of 1’s and 0’s through phone and data lines, via BBS posts and by electronic mail.

    They rose to a height in the late 1990's, when their kind ruled the world like the carnivorous bird-reptiles of old. Tough and wily, they survived the subsequent digital ice age and dot com destruction that rained down, showering the planet with discarded stock options and unwanted AOL cds.

    Now they lead the fight to tame and build our digital world. Each of these code warriors carries the codename… GeekMan.

    CODE NAME: GeekMan

    AKA: propeller head, computer nerd, uber geek

    SUPER POWERS: ungodly coding abilities; opposite sex repulsion; analytical reasoning; ability to create technical acronyms; less than ideal personal hygiene routine

    VULNERABILITIES: wedgies; dodge balls; unknown questions of existence; girls of the Internet

    “Techno-nerd powers, activate!”
    “That’s not a bug, it’s a feature.


    GeekMan Theme Song - Lyrics

    Geek-Man, Geek-Man, Geek-Man,
    Geek-Man, GeekMan!

    He's a brainiac,
    Busting books, coding hack,

    With one glance from his eyes,
    logic seems to materialize,

    Taped glasses and pocket implants,
    Belt to his elbows, he’s one smarty pants…
    Deep underground in his secret computer lair,
    Powered by junk food, caffeine and his monitor glare.
    (he’s a key clacking code hacking thinking machine…) He’s GeekMan…

    Evil business types, look out!
    If he’s on the scene, reason reigns throughout.
    Go go go, gogogo tech gadget belt…
    look out Internet girls, he's looking so ‘svelte!
    (What a hunk’o’hunk’o’ nerdy love…) He’s GeekMan!

    Propeller head, computer freak,
    He’s the super-alpha-uber-geek,

    Geek-Man, Geek-Man, Geek-Man,
    Geek-Man, GeekMannnnn!

    Geek-Man :D
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    Admiral Michael Michaelsoft Systems CEO Folding Team

    hehe, that was in the newspaper in my area a few weeks back. I cut it out and taped it to my wall.

    Man, I got the PDA, Laptop and Glasses, all I need now it a pocket protector (in your dreams)!