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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by blackspawn, Oct 12, 2003.

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    I recentely got Halo and I installed it on my PC, the installation went without a glitch. However whenever I try to change either the refresh rate or the screen resolution (above 800x600) when the confirmation screen appears (to save the configs) a BSOD occurs and the computer restarts (I can't read it because the PC restarts to quickly but I can tell it's a BSOD). My desktop resolution is 1152x864 @ 75Hz (and I usually run 3D intensive games @ 1024x768 just fine)

    My system specs are:
    P4 1.5 GHz
    WinXP Pro SP1
    Nvidia GeForce 3 Ti 200 (using detonator 40.72)
    768 MB RAM

    I can run other 3d apps just fine (GTA: Vice City for example) but somehow Halo refuses to run... is it because my system can't handle it?
    Oh! and I can't install the latest detonators because it hangs my system (no idea why...) when windows is loading.

    Can anyone help me?

    (meanwhile I'll be playing the game with 800x600 @60Hz)
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    Thanks for the welcome :)

    I already checked two of those threads but since none of them was similar to my problem... (I guess I should have posted in one of them :eek: )

    I'm going to try puting "C:\Games\Halo\halo.exe -vidmode 1024,768,75" in the shortcut but my guess is that it's going to reboot again...
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    "C:\Games\Halo\halo.exe -vidmode 1024,768,75"

    this is wrong in sould be

    "C:\Games\Halo\halo.exe" -vidmode 1024, 768, 75