Halflife 2 Collector's Edition

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by chaos945, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. chaos945

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    Anyone who bought this edition want to post some screenshots of the art book and the other stuff that came with it?

    I bought the standard edition but am considering selling it and buying this one.
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  3. chaos945

    chaos945 Moderator

    Haha, "nope" you don't have it or "nope" you don't want to post it. :D

    In any case the picture below is the box, I specifically was curious about what the T-Shirt would look like and what exactly was in the art book. I've found some documentation on the book but no pictures.

    I doubt I'd wear the T-Shirt though would be too uber geek, good thing christmas is coming up. ;)

    The DVD would be nice to have instead of my many CD's...

  4. Electronic Punk

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    Redmak and Neobond both bought the collectors edition while we were out in the States.

    You get a DVD edition of the game which also includes CS:Source and HL:Source (I can only presume you also get the full back catalogue?) a Tshirt, that looked pretty nice - not too geeky becuase halflife2 ****ing rocks, the book is shocking to be honest. Its A5 in size (half letter) and features excerpts from the coffee table book (which I was looking for but couldn't find, don't sell it in strip clubs for some reason) and the strategy guide.

    In my gold ed. you get the full strategy guide, hat, posters, sticker, postcards, soundtrack.

    Redmak didn't want his box either so I have both. Woohoo :D
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    Yeah the sampler book is pretty weak, doesn't give any info you can use, and has a bunch of plot point spoilers.

    edit: the t-shirt was X Lrg only, which fits me like a poncho, but was still cool and understated. I'd wear it if it fit. not too geeky.