Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by banter, May 25, 2002.

  1. banter

    banter Guest

    I have athlon xp 1500
    512 pc2100 ddr
    geforce 2 64mb

    and when i installed and played gta3 it was really quite slow on 1024x768
    and the draw distance less than half.
    I have the latest drivers for my video card so what could be wrong?

    Can any tell me how i could get it a little faster?
  2. try turning off shadow trails, and maybe smaller resolution
  3. dijital

    dijital Guest

    also, did you download the directx fix for gta3?
  4. TheBlueRaja

    TheBlueRaja BR to Some

    Where can i get the Direct X Fix Dijital - my version keeps on crashing on XP just after i get in a car.
  5. Kucoloco

    Kucoloco Guest

    GTA3 FIX

    also, did you download the directx fix for gta3?

    theres a direct x fix for gta 3 ?

    hook it up m8z.:p
  6. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 I Like Cheese

    It played just fine on my old voodoo5 and crappy computer. Now I got a better video card and crappy computer :)