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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by TrIpWiRe31337, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. Hey guys, I have had problems with GTA3 for a while now. I keep getting the same fault when the game starts up, nothing prevents it.

    unhandled exception: C00000005
    at address: 009cf47d

    and the game just crashes. I have a Geforce 2 Mx400, and I have used the 28.32's, and the 29.42's no luck. Is it possible it just doesn't like my vid card?
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  3. sorry...

    it didn't work... thanks for trying. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. BTW, I am one of the annoying leeches who pirate their games. Its not that I have anything against buying software, but my 16 year old life doesn't really afford me a lot of cash just lieing around for a game I will get tired of in a week. But, the ISO's I have are widly used, and seem to work for everyone.. but me!
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    trip i got bad news my friend... I HAVE THE SAME ERROR.. and i emailed the company and support and they still cant fix it... so I BELIEVE that the problem is from GF2 cards.. i hae a gf2 ultra, so i just bought a gf4 ti4600 in the mail NOW..maybe that well fix my problem.. lol
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    hmm.. i have a Geforce2 GTS 64mb...
    and gta works fine for me.. i did however run a fix that i got from a ftp.. e-mail me if u want it
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    I also have GF2 ultra but I don't have this problem, the one that I have seen is that the game runs slow, slower them renegade and it does not have even 20% of renegades graphics..
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    i download the gta3 from the net cause i lazy to buy the original ... also not very rich kid ..

    i also run into the same problem as you guys ...

    when it loaded finish, my computer came out 1 sound then after that, it bring me back to windows.

    any solution ???
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    throw your computer out the window.

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    Sure, Wanna find out where so you can pick it up ... ???
    Nice answerd Jerk ****
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    I must admit at first tried gta3 from an ISO image i downloaded but I liked the game so much, I felt like buying it and supporting the makers. Cheers
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    Thanks for solving my problem :) Muchas gracias, ariegato-gozimas, danka, etc.
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    Solved yer problem yet? If not...the rockstar games website (available in your startup menu folder when you scroll through the gta3 menu listing) has a pc section that has a faq section that has a direct link to the microsoft website that contains a direct download of a patch for windows xp that corrects a probelm that xp has with most new nvidia drivers. This is a direct x issue (amoung other things...) and my geforce 3 did NOT work before the patch. And,now i've played over 40 levels of gta3 (did you know there were over ONE HUNDRED?)And i haven't even had a twitch.Anyway go to the rockstar website..then go to the pc section of gta3....then look in the faq section. Scroll down until you see a faq for video problems with xp? Open that puppy and see if it helps!!! Good luck.
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    You are not allowed to talk about Warez/Cracks and Hacks here, so please dont. You can voice your problem but dont mention that it is a cracked, hacked or whatever version.

    Now I have to say that I have a GF2 TI and I am having no problems with the game. Except that the police keep chasing me after I do a driveby shooting.