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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Mac1, Mar 2, 2003.

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    Hi all
    I was just reading the firewall posts and thought I would tell about the program I use. I have tried other programs like Sygate, Outpost or Norton, which all seem to slow down whatever computer I use, so I have ended up using XP's own firewall and this program, The only thing I did was remove the tick from the Process Monitor tab on the program to stop it popping up everytime I install anything, I have tested it with online scanners like ShieldUp and Sygate and all their tests cant even see my ports or even my computer, what do you think!
    goog enough for me.:happy:
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    that's a great post mac1...welcome to our board

    ya...I have always told everyone for protection against attack, the xp firewall is as good as the software firewalls\\

    it just doesn't prevernt outgoing activity

    this can be accomplished with a few of the security programs I posted over on security, and the program you just posted as well.

    I believe win patrol (free), and adwatch, (not free) accomplish much of what the program you psoted accomplish, but your program looks like it has good value

    as you post, there is no need for the slowdown that software firewalls might give some users.

    great post mac1...hope you stick around our board
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    Welcome to NTFS, you don't have to keep posting the same thing more then once, gets kind of annoying actually.

    This is a example of where the option to delete threads comes in handy dealer, as this guy posted twice the same thing, and it wasn't done that close together, which might indicate to me he is spamming, which will annoy me greatly. So I deleted his other thread. In case he asks.

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    opp's sorry

    I cant remember posting it before, but as I have reached the big 50 maybe the brain is going, as I am new at this lark "posting in forums I mean" maybe you will forgive the odd mistake now and again, if not tuff, joke ok
    I have nothing to do with the company it just a good program,
    so sorry if I did,
    ps..whats spamming, is that something you put on a spamwitch?
    see ya
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    I'm using xp's firewall & all incoming things are blocked. That's cool, that'll do me but why the need for the other app? What does it do that xp's firewall doesn't?
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    Re: opp's sorry

    no didn't mean nothing it was just a simple mistake, and was easy to fix, might not even been your fault, it was wierd there was a majot time differnce in the posts too, might have been a database error, anyway rock on

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    Interesting how you have to become a member (purchase a membership) to get different versions of this software to have added extras with two (2) or three (3) computers. Plus It's a monthly payment thing and no company info as to how long this produce has been around, who or how it was tested or info on the company that makes this software. Is this version 1.0... 1.1... 2.0... What???

    You have:


    as contacts or home pages depending on what you click on. :confused:

    So who onws it and how do we know it's a good proggy... besides D/L a Demo of the software?

    Could it have a trojan in it? Is it sending any of our systems info back to their site, passwords???

    I don't trust it 'cause there is no info to it's origins. :confused: :huh:
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    welcome to ntfs Mac1.

    i've been visiting this site for a while now and have learned tons of stuff about xp.

    there are some very knowledgeable peeps 'round here! ;)
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    I wonder if someone can tell me if upd.exe is safe?

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Totem Shared\Uninstall0001\upd.exe

    Don't know what Totem Shared means? Spyware maybe?
  10. DFX

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    Good job I used this program I guess...

    The program found 'unregmp2.exe' in the startup. Then I searched for unregmp2.exe in google and this came up:

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    "unregmp2.exe "seems to be a system protected file. every time i delete it, it replaces itself.
    so how do you eliminate it?
  12. FoMoCo1

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    I think I can, I think I can....
    Yup, just what I needed.