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    In class Miss Jenny poses a question to Timmy: "There are three birds on a wire. If a hunter shoots one of them, how many are left?"

    "None," Timmy replies. "If you shoot one, the other two will fly away."

    "The answer I was looking for was two, but I like the way you think," says the teacher.

    During recess Timmy approaches the teacher and says, "Look at those three women sitting on the bench. Which do you think is single: the one eating a chocolate chip cookie, the one drinking the soda, or the one sucking the posicle?"

    The teacher replies, "Uh...the one sucking the popsicle?"

    "Actually, it's the woman not wearing a wedding ring," says Timmy. "But I like the way you think."

    source: Maxim April 2002 "Monster 5th Anniversary Special"
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