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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by BlackEyedAngel, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. well then, i have at the moment a geforce2 mx 200 :( :( which is not very god, as i'm sure you know, but i have some money, but only a limeted amount. i have enough to buy a geforce4 mx 440, but should i do it?? it is (i guess) a nice big step up from the one i have atm, but is it crap? i know that compared to a ti 4600 or something *proper* it is not very good, but i have a limeted budget. the question is basically: what perfomance increase will i get from this upgrade?
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    if you post your budget mate.. I am sure you will get a lot of responses.. because there are a whole bunch of cards on the market... and with the impending release of the new Radeon cards... the 8500 series is going to drop in price... and I would suspect that there is going to be a drop in Nvidia prices too...

    post the budget and lets see what you can get...

  3. hmm well i have about £85. which is enough for a geforce4 mx 440 at the moment.
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    Was on the ASUS site the other day and they have just anounced their first 8x AGP motherboard..... My guess is the newer games may need this, Doom3, Unreal2 etc.

    Just a thought....
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    The best Geforce for value for money at the moment is the Geforce 4 ti4200. You can pick one up for £120 for the 64MB version and it kicks the butts of every geforce 3 and geforce 4MX card on the market. I know your budget is a little tight but it is worth saving a little longer as the performance differance is huge.:)
  6. where can i get a ti4200 for that price?? that's pretty damn cheap isn't it? i thought they were more like £180?

    oh, and nice name/sig ;)
  7. i found one on for £128.... hmmm... that means i have to make some more money. damn it. hopefully it will be worth the pain. :D