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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ariss, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. ariss

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    I have a geforce 4 mx440 and wish to overclock it. The problem is that when i right click and go to display properties, then advanced, i have no tab for my card. I have no idea why this is because it appeared in 98 ME ( i recently upgraded to XP Pro). I have used 29.42 nvidia drivers and am now using 29.80. Neither makes any difference. Its make by leadtek if its any help??
  2. ariss

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    Thanks for replying, I have downloaded the coolbits and they still dont show. I dont even get the normal settings such as direct3D, OpenGL and twin monitor stuff. I have just reinstalled 29.42 off nvidias site too make sure the ones i had are deffo for xp, but still not fixed. All the tabs i have are General, Adapter, Montor, Trouble..., Color Man.... ???
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    After you apply the Coolbits reg patch, you have to reboot. After rebooting you'll find a tab like it the screenshot that I have attached.
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    your advanced properties tab in display properties don't show up if your using the drivers that bundles with the operarating system whethet it would be ME, XP or 98. since youre using reference drivers from nVidia, it should show up!!!!!! try reinstalling your driver but first use the driver thta come with the operating system. you can do this by going to device manager > display adapters and double click your card. try uninstalling the 2942 or 2948 drives and reboot(very important). after restart, reinstall your driver (2942 or 2980). it should and must work this time!!!
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    I have tried the unistalling and reinstallin the 29.42 and it didnt work, even tried getting the drivers from elsewhere. I think some people still think that i just dont get the coolbits tab. I dont even get a tab saying geforce 4 mx440 in the display settings. thats why im so confused?? It works okay and never had it crash, i just dont get the advanced tabs. Cant think if it something wrong with XP or hardware??:confused: ??
  6. ariss

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    Here is a screenshot of my dispaly properties
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    i have a generic geforce 2 mx 400 that came with my dell computer and i notice it dont have a heatsinker on the card. should i overclock it?
  8. Gary Pandher

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    i o/c'd mine
    i think its got a heatsink on it
  9. Yharn

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    Indiana, USA
    i'd hope theres a heatsink on it. I had a voodoo 3 3000 that i o/c'd and it only had a heatsink do i added a fan myself and it ended up dying on me after about 3 mos. after i o/c'd it would work but once it'd heat up it would crap out and freeze my comp. So with the budget i'm on i bought me a Gainward Geforce TI4200 I'd recomend this card to anyone. Has the best O/C abilities i've seen out of any video card