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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by skip113, Mar 18, 2002.

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    I have had enough of geforce cards in XP. Can anyone recommend a good cheap graphic card that will work in XP?
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    Texas, USA
    ATI Radeon, at least once the drivers are "perfected"
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    What's wrong with GeForce??
  4. GeForce & Radeon


    So my main setup has a really schweet OC'd GeForce3 that runs balls out superfast. In my second system I had a GeForce2 Ti which also ran damn fast. One day I get the urge to buy something new so I get a fabled Radeon 8500. Ever since then my system wont remain stable. The only game its pretty much stable on is UT. Undying which uses the UT engine locks after a while. When I benchmark, it runs as fast if not faster than my OC'd GeForce3 in 3dMark2001SE, but in Dronezmark, it locks after the bench has completed, and Im reviewing my scores and when I restart it, it wont boot, i have to power off for 5 seconds. Always the atidrv...driver or something like that. This card proved to me that I hate ATI and Radeon. Crappy drivers have brought my system to its knees for the first time ever. I want to wash my hands of this whole thing and get me a GF4 MX440, which is barely faster than my GF2Ti but what the hell.

    I have one 1 week old Radeon 8500, in perfect condition, with all hardware and software (never even broke the seals on the software!) for sale!! Great Price!!! $155, free shipping in the US!!Serious inquiries ONLY! email

    ALso have a 3 month old Visiontek GeForce2 Ti 64MB I will let go for $85 with the same shipping deal.

    Yes Im serious!Guaranteed not DOA.All original boxes and stuff.
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    Geforce would be alright if the thing would stop crashing my PC.
    I have been through all the forums on the infiniate loop problem tried everything but still it crashes.

    I think I want to go back to the good old days of voodoo 1 & 2s if only they would work in XP!