Grand Theft Auto III

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Pod, May 25, 2002.

  1. Pod

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    I like most peeps have been waiting for the release of this game for ages. but i tried it out yesterday and it said i need at 12 mb video ram. Is there anyway of bypassing this?

    And any way i could get a graphics card for a latop? like a external one?

    Cause i'm running a decent system but shit on games!

    Celeron 700mhz
    320mb ram
    10g hd
    8mb Trident Cyberblade (LOL)
    Windows Xp Professional
    External Memorex CD - RW
    Internal DVD
  2. avsdotcom

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    ooooooooh, unlucky there mate - those Trident Cyberblade cards aren't exactly at the cutting edge are they ? Lol. Min spec for GTA 3 is actually 16 MB, and theres no way you're gettinmg a new card fitted to it as i believe its onboard the chipset. Man, thats a killer, no GTA 3. I would probably cry .
  3. Kucoloco

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    ... i already started crying for you man.. :(