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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Speed4Ever, Jan 4, 2002.

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    Heres a copy of an email sent by a friend of mine recently...

    "I own and operate my own computer repair business. One day, a few months back, I received a high end HP computer I had purchased on line for re-sale through my business. After thoroughly checking the box in which the computer was shipped I discovered the keyboard was missing.

    Realizing things like this happen I simply gathered all the necessary paperwork, along with model and serial number, and then contacted HP.

    After going through the normal rigamarole of being shuttled from one tech to another I finally found someone who was qualified to help, to which I explained the problem - The keyboard was missing.

    Within 10 minutes or so the representative said the keyboard would be shipped immediately, thanked me for my patience, and apologized on behalf on HP.

    Sure enough, a couple of days later a box arrived from HP, via UPS. However, the box was HUGE, to the extent I thought they must have made a mistake a shipped me another computer, rather than a keyboard.

    Opening the box, which was replete with popcorn I realized instantly that there wasn't a computer inside, but neither was there a keyboard, but there was an invoice which stated:


    LOL :D

    EDIT: My friend said this was found at the Lockergnome, but I dont doubt its true for one second...
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    What did he do?!? I hope he sent the missing keyboard to HP...
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    the guy should have complained..... they should have sent a smaller box... after all it's only a missing keyboad! :D


    P.S. gonna e-mail this thread 2 a few ppl... and sorry had to move... but this is more like "Fun Stuff" :D
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    Thats worst than...

    a women rang us up having problems with her new computer...

    my friend said to her , ok close all the open windows

    so she says ok ill be right back and puts the phone down

    my mate is sitting wondering whats going on .....

    anyway a minute or 2 later she picks the phone back up , "OK all the windows are closed, sorry it took so long but one of them is jammed and my husband hasnt fixed it yet "

    ROFL !!!!
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    What about the one where a guy phones up technical support... says his computer isn't switiching on... the guy on th other end says is it switched on @ he mains ? He says yeah... says go around the back of the box see if the power cable is out...
    The guys says its too dark... powercut :D