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    Ok, I just installed Gothic (very cool game) a few days ago. Found some probs but thought nothing of them. ALT TAB will instantley freeze the computer and I MUST reboot (mouse doesn't move, CTRL-ALT-DELETE doesn't work). Also, if I change resolutions in game, it will freeze on a black screen... reboot. I once had it reset my machine while loading the game, and just recently my save game went corrupt. I did a full system scan twice with the latest virus definitions. One found, js.exception.exploit, but quarentined it (then I deleted it). Well, still have the probs. So I updated drivers, that didn't help. Now my system is freezing just doing basic stuff. I have the system dual booted, and I still see the same errors in the game under Win98. I have the latest drivers in Win98 too. BIOS is brand new, 11/01 (new MOBO) but I haven't updated that yet. Ok, so I gave up on GOTHIC, but the system still freezes. In98 it froze doing a virus scan. Under XP, freezes randomley.. There is no set amount of time. Yeah I know.... I should just give up. But this game is REALLY COOL! Any ideas? Maybe a low level format and a reinstall of the OS, but that is extreme. Any suggetions at all?
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    Biostar M7VIB (VIA KT266)
    Athlon XP 1600 (1.4 GHz)
    512 MB DDR
    Maxtor 40GB ATA100 (both OS' partitioned)
    Maxtor 6.4GB ATA33 (no OS on this one)
    Inno GeForce2 Ti
    Realtek NIC
    Onboard sound (I know it sucks)
    WinXP Pro
    Win98 SE
    Lite-on CDRW model 2xxx (not sure)
    I am at work right now, so I can get Driver info and version when I get home... If you need any other info.. put up a post.
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    BTW, just a thought. I have WinXP installed on a Fat32 partition. Would installing it on a NTFS help?
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    I have the game and its running on the same vid card you have
    w/23.11 det drivers with no problems.
    It might be your sound card?
    also going to ntfs would'nt fix the problem although it is a good idea to when you sort this out.