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    How Golf is like Urinating in a Public Toilet

    10. Keep your back straight, knees bent, feet shoulder width apart.
    9. Form a loose grip.
    8. Keep your head down.
    7. Avoid a quick backswing.
    6. Stay out of the water.
    5. Try not to hit anybody.
    4. If you are taking too long, you should let others go ahead of you.
    3. You shouldn't stand directly in front of others.
    2. Be quiet while others are about to go.
    1. Keep strokes to a minimum.
  2. Hipster Doofus

    Hipster Doofus Good grief Charlie Brown

    Melbourne Australia
    I must strongly disagree with #4. If i'm going & going & going.......there is no way someone is jumping the cue. I go till I'm finished. :D
  3. Alan

    Alan its only fun

    In a house
    and all your mates take the pi$$ out of you when you hit a bad shot :D
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    lol, it all makes sense.....