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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by gballard, Mar 2, 2004.

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    I recently purchased an ATI TV Wonder Pro Remote Control edition. The cable for the room is all the way across the room from the computer I installed the tuner card in...so I had to also buy a length of coax and a connector to connect the two pieces of coax. The connector is in place and I have the coax run to the computer and hooked up to the tuner card. Problem is...I can't get any stations. With the connector...does the wire from each piece of coax have to be touching each other for this to work correctly? Does anyone know?...:(
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    should be fine. are both cables good? possible the run is too far and you need an amp
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    Yeah...both cables should be fine...one of them is the cable coming out of the wall that provides the cable for the tv it was hooked up to...the other one is a 25 ft piece I bought brand new from WalMart...its not even a week old.
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    Did you run the setup wizard?
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    Setup Wizard? He's connectin cable for a TV to his ATI TV Wonder.
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    Use a female-female adapter to join the cables. So male female-female male.

    Or goto your hardware store and buy the correct length + about 5 metres slack.
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    A coax has a center conductor and an outer shield. Both have to be connected to the same part on any extension cables.

    It sounds like you have the usual crappy "hang a coax " stub out of the wall set up most installers leave. In this case the extension cable should have Male connector(center wire sticks out) on each end. Then buy a female to female converter ($2) to connect the 2 pieces of coax together.

    If there are no connectors on the extension cable or on the cable sticking out of the wall you get to buy a pack of Male connectors (3 needed) and put them onto the cable ends. The instructions are on the back of the package. Get the ones that "screw" onto the coax cable so you don't need to worry about crimping tools.

    The braided outer shield can not have even one strand touching the coax center conductor or you will get no signal.