Gigabyte ga-k8nf-9 & windows x64 boot disk drivers

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    Hi all,

    Mfarley i think was having a similar problem, but i have this motherboard and am doing a x64 installation with it have 2 x 80GB WD HDD's that i have setup in the bios to stripe i have downloaded various drivers for "x64" to setup the raid when loading windows (hitting F6 to install third party drivers) but i havn't found any that work.

    Been to the gigabyte site, and the drivers that make the boot disk arn't coo for x64...

    Yes i have tried the XP Pro drivers but no go, i'm sure it is just a driver set i need as i have succesfully done an XP Pro installation ...

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    Send a support ticket to gigabyte...they don't have the sata drivers on the page for some reason but the tech that replied sent them to me via zip. I would upload and email them to you but I have not yet tried them as I'm having some acronis issues with partitioning so I certianly wont post them anywhere until I give them a try.

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    Ok that's fantastic, i have pretty much given the x64 OS the boot on this machine, it was pretty much a learning curve because unfortunately i am yet to use it!

    Thanks for your guys help!