Ghostzilla - The one original camouflaged browser!

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    Surf the Internet freely, knowing that people around you cannot see the Web browser on your screen even if they look directly at it!

    Ghostzilla is a browser for surfing the Web when you don't want anyone to physically see what you are doing. It renders Web pages to look indistinguishable from your work screen. You make it disappear instantly with one move of your hand and bring it back with another. Ghostzilla can show Web pages discreetly within literally any application you work with.

    To see how Ghostzilla makes the illusion of not being there for anyone but its user, take a look at the screenshots and a video of its usage. Also, be sure to read important information on how to use Ghostzilla.

    Ghostzilla is derived from Mozilla 1.0, an open-source browser that Netscape Communicator uses. Mozilla is the latest in Web technology and supports all the Web standards. For license terms and open-source information for Ghostzilla, please click here. To learn more about Mozilla and open-source browsers, visit You do not need to have Mozilla installed to run Ghostzilla.

    Download FREE Ghostzilla

    Do not use Ghostzilla to surf pornographic or offensive Web sites. You will get caught. Whether you use Ghostzilla, Internet Explorer, or any other browser, there is almost always a log of Web sites that users access. The log is kept on your network's main server; your network administrator can search that log file for names of offensive sites, and find out who has been visiting those.

    If you are fortunate to have a responsible and important job, where your full attention to what is going on on the screen is vital, please do not use Ghostzilla.

    [posters comment: This is actually kinda neat. Check it out.]

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    That looks well handy, shame i have no real use for it at the moment :)