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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Deathangel2002, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. Hey what's up. if anyone out there plays Ghost Recon. my Ubi name is Deadlygamer. look me up sometime for a good challange.
  2. Kr0m

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    I've got it, haven't played it for a while, heck, don't even think it's installed anymore. I liked it while I played it.
  3. Electronic Punk

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    Never tried this game online, anyone know how it plays on dialup ?
  4. Well it lags alot if you are on dial up. but it's still fun.
  5. Phoenix1956

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    Hey Deathangel2002

    Ever since it came out bro, been playing it more then anything else tho:) . Am in a clan and we play it all the time, No I dont play it on UBI because of the so-called sickos whos always ragging someones butt. My speciality is SNIPER and my love is for the MSG-90 sniper rifle in Saberteams. E-Mail me for my server ip and well get togeather for some siege play with the others ok.
  6. koko

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    imho, this is one of the best games released recently. it's also one of the most stable, non-buggy games i've seen in quite some time.

    multiplayer mode is simply amazing. you can either team up and go against the computer or play against each other in deathmatch. either way, you're sure to have a blast.

    if you don't have gr.......get it! :)
  7. Phoenix1956

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    Hey KoKo

    Deathangel2002 and you should be great players regarding siege play . As mentioned I dont like to play on UBI because of the BS that goes on, theres alot of people that enter a game and goes on a killing spree and then jumps out ( I hate *@*!? like that ) . Anyway , Yes GR and DS are my top games for online multiplayer but thats my opinon.

    If you guys want to get togeather let me know and ill give me my server ip ok .