GForce2 MX400 64MB driver????

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dove, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. Dove

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    Hi all. Just installed this card. Will things are working nicely would like to know what is the latest driver for it?? I have spent some time here reading through the threads and basicallly got lost.

    Many thanks for your assitance/advice
  2. Hipster Doofus

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    Welcome Dove.
    Best place to look is here. Just follow the boxes. Of course if it is running ok why mess with it.
  3. Jim

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    About three months ago I was bored, so I downloaded nearly all the drivers frorm Nvidia and other places and tested them. Most of the drivers worked OK, I found the 28.32 drivers the most stable and the quickest for the GForce2 MX400 64MB.
    Ive played nearly all the latest games with no problems.

    My system
    Intel 900 mhz
    GForce2 MX400 64MB
  4. albybum

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    I agree, The 28.32's are the best for the GF2 and GF3 series of cards. The next and most current major WHQL certified release of Nvidia's reference drivers is the 30.82's but in this release Nvidia incoportated Support for the GF4 series of cards and tweaked the drivers to compliment the new series. By doing so, they seemed to cause a performance decrease in the earlier cards. The 28.32's are the most stable, best performance drivers for your card..
    That site should have the drivers you want.
    And if you get really edgy for performance, you
    could look into the overlclocking tools on the site.

    On a side note. If you want the absolute best performance, or the absolute best graphic quality, search for the OMEGA drivers. They are not written by Nvidia, but these people know what they are doing. When you install the most current version of their drivers, you can choose best quality or best peformance. They are really good if you want to play UT2k3 at a good speed online, or you want to play Quake 3 at the best possible graphics.
  5. Dove

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    Ally & Jim. Thanks a lot for this valuable insight re drivers. Much appreciated.
  6. Luna64

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    Thank you very much for your comments. I have a Gefoce 2 MX/32mb and after installing the latest drivers, I had serious problems in XP.

    Actually the only way to run the OS was to turn off Hardware Acceleration which turned my PC into one slow POS.

    So after going back to the older drivers you mentioned everything runs at 110% :)
  7. Big Booger

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    I think the most important thing to installing drivers, at least I have found in my experience, is to delete the previous drivers before installing the new drivers.

    I advise you to reboot your computer and boot into safemode. I believe tapping F8 immediately after rebooting allows you to go into safemode.
    Once in safe mode, you need to click start, right click my computer, and click on properties. Once in the properties, you need to click on the hardware tab. The click on the device drivers tab. The find your display adapater, and right click it. Then select uninstall. Afterward it will make you reboot. Reboot.
    On rebooting, make sure you have the latest drivers downloaded. With the latest drivers, don't install the default drivers from XP, tell it you want to manually install your drivers, then select the location where you downloaded the latest drivers, and install.
    I think that will help you install the latest drivers with complete success.
    Any questions just ask.
  8. Nismo83

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    well... 41.03 works best for me. Look, here's my spec:

    I am currently { [​IMG] | | [​IMG] | | [​IMG] }
    Intel P4 1.5 Ghz
    Intel D850GB MOBO
    256MB PC 800 RDRAM
    20GB Maxtor HDD (5400 RPM)
    40GB Maxtor HDD (7200 RPM)
    52X Creative CDROM
    8X4X32 Creative CDRW
    Iomega 100 MB USB Zip Drive
    SYBA Ultra ATA IDE controller card
    SB live 5.1 DE
    Aging Gainward 64MB GF2MX400 --> | Upgrading to GF4 Ti4 series |
    Altec Lansing ACS 56
    Dlink D538TX NIC

  9. singwei

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    40.41 didn't work well for me, some games unable to play such as need for speed 3.
  10. Arthurking

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    I started reading this thread and thought OH YEAH!!
    downloaded 28.32 installed these and eveything went backwards. The only game I possess is F1 2001. But I thought I was gunna check this out. Using the F1 2001 config tool I got 5% faster using 30.82 then 10% faster using 40.41. Which directly related to smoother frames and game play. So going from 9.5M triangles/sec with 28.32, to 11.3M with 40.41's.
    One note was that I couldn't install 40.71's don't know why but nothing happened when I tried to exe the update. Are they not for gf2 or something like that?
    The point is for some people it works for others it doesn't, and don't be afraid to experiment. I had no reason to update coz I don't play any games. But I was interested to see what happened