GF ll MX Problems

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by AfTheRock, Mar 22, 2002.

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    Since alot of people who have a GeForce 2 MX ll are having trouble with the 28.32's, like I am, it would be a good idea to colllect the info about those cards effected, and send the list to nVidia, like Dublex said in the 'nVidia 28.32 Nelp' thread, so just post your problems this thread.

    If you are having problems, and it is not a GeForce ll, then still post your problems, see what can be done.

    Then someone could do the honers of sending the list to nVidia.

    However make sure that its the new 28.32 your having trouble with, not the wrong ones that they put up earlier.

    Please specify your graphics card along with the company, i.e. Asus, Hercules, etc, with other spec too.
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    I'm running a P4 1.8ghz, 256RDRAM, 80 gig, geForce2 MX400 64 meg's the issue:
    I tried the mistakenly uploaded 28.32's to my system and when I restarted the system didn't use them and decided not to work correctly, so it automatically went back to the XP default's: 5.1.2001's dated from 7/11/2001. From there, I uninstalled the Detonator drivers from Control Panel and rebooted, and then tried to install the 23.11's back..unfortunately, the system runs through the driver update but gives me an error at the end saying "The system cannot find the file specified." I don't get it?! I just installed can it not find the file specified..anyhow, I go to my display properties and viola the advanced tabs show up, so I reboot thinking maybe it'll go in my device manager as well, but to no avail..after rebooting the tabs are gone and windows xp pro has pulled it back to 5.1.2001 and i'm stuck here not being able to play any games or upgrade the drivers..any device would be appreciated, thanks..
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    I got it to finally work..I went into safe mode, deleted all my nvidia files in c:\windows\system and then deleted all registry entries, then reinstalled and viola..its fine! heh =\ thanks guys!
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    as I mentioned in other thread with regards old driver left trace in Windows, I am sure if you can delete what(drivers) you have installed, your windows should read your 64MB card properly. :D
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    I have a geoforce 2 mx400 32mb

    I installed the 28.32's..... when i try to play MOHAA the game is VERY juddery. it almost stops.. the wdm drivers were better than them..

    Are there any other detonator drivers for the gf2? ive tried the 27.00 they were ok but not briliant?

    By board is an oem DELL Geoforce 2 mx400 32mb.

  6. AfTheRock

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    My Problem

    My own card is recognised as having different ammounts of RAM each time that I boot, 16 MB or 32 MB or 64 MB, no matter which driver it is.
  7. jonocainuk

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    tried NVMax? i found that made UT run perfectly on winxp - better than I ever saw it run on win98/ME/2000

    just turning off vsync in both ogl and d3d, ticking intel compatibility (if u use an intel that is) and a few other tweaks (cant remember them off hand) but ive heard of quite a lot of ppl who did that and it worked.
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    While we're on the subject, I have a Geforce 2 MX 400 64 meg...I'm happy with the card, it's alright I guess, but once I installed it, my computer randomly started to reboot. (Infinite loop issue). I'm using the 28.32s and it's very stable. It hasn't restarted itself in a week!

    I like this thread. It's like the Geforce2 MX series support group. As far as frame rates...I think the 27.20 was the best frame rates I've gotten in Quake 3...but....the darned thing kept locking up....switched to other drivers, and it was fine...
  9. akela

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    I have the evga GeForce2 MX 100/200
    and i updated to the new detonator drivers a month back.
    Random crashes and reboots

    sometimes click on start kills the machine,
    its an
    amd thunderbird,
    655mb ddr ram
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    I think you may have invented a new word there. Kind of a "Stuttery" and "Jittery" combo thing goin'.

    I'm gonna use it from time to time......thanks....:D

    (I'm just playin' with ya, Bro)
  11. akela

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    I know this is an ancient thread, but i wanted to know if anyone was still having probs with their Nvidia card?

    i'm in the market for a new one and i want to know what's the most hassle free card?
  12. jonocainuk

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    If you're looking for a new graphics card, the gf4 is the way to go according to most other peoples choices. The 2mx is good, its pretty cheap considering its still reasonably good with the latest games (I got one for my girlfriend's comp for £28 retail boxed bout 2 months ago). I'd have to recommend the gf4 though if youre looking for something that will last a long time.
  13. I have a GF2 MX400 and use the 28.32 drivers out of preference. For me, they give the highest 3DMark score.
  14. Personnaly Juddery is the word I would have used anyway. Are stuttery and jittery even words!!!
  15. Jim

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    I have a Geforce2 MX and for the last couple weeks I've installed, uninstalled, benchmarked, and tested nearly all of Nvida's drivers.
    On my OLD system I found 21.83 drivers the most reliable.

    Intel P111 - 850mhz
    320meg Ram