Getting rid of Extra Crap in xp like movie maker and crap

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by yotaiji012, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. yotaiji012

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    how do i get rid of movie maker....msn messenger...i already got rid of games and such do i get rid of movie maker and stupid accessibility crap....i just want the essentials on windows...y does xp take up 1.8 gigs!!! wtf...
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    Uninstalling unwanted components

    First, make a copy of sysoc.inf (found on the hard disk at \winnt\inf\sysoc.inf) before proceeding so that you can restore the initial configuration if necessary. Give the copy a different name, such as sysoc2.inf.

    Open the Sysoc.inf file. Each line of text in the file represents a component that can be displayed in the Add/Remove Windows Components dialog.

    Delete the word HIDE for any component that you want to see in the dialog (do not erase the commas).

    Save the Sysoc.inf file, then close it, and reboot your computer.

    The Add/Remove Windows Components dialog will now display the items you want.
  3. Ci2e

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    Its very obvious he's sitting there with less than 6 gigs or not much more...
  4. yotaiji012

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    i actually have 40 gigs.....

    i actually have forty gigs i just find it ridiculous that fresh install of a os should take 1.8