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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by cs-cky, Apr 25, 2003.

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    i am a really good player at counter-strike. I own four clans and i am in ogl. I would like some ways to get alittle better. If hardware and harkware will help or what r some tips
  2. Sazar

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    good monitor with high resolution :)

    you play really well and get more kills when you are @ 1600x1200 :)

    a good mouse helps as well...

    other than that.. you have everything needed for playing cs as it exists today :)

    oh... headphones... get really good headphones :)
  3. dubstar

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    go to your local mall with 5 friends, (6 people total). Split up in 2 teams and dont forget to bring flash lights (trust me).

    sleep in the one of the stores (all of you together, preferably a big store) and wait until closing.

    once closed follow this plan:

    1. Find all black clothes and change into them (it would be too suspicious if you all 6 walked into the store with all black on so you gotta change there)

    now find hankercheifs, 3 red, 3 blue, or whatever colors you want. (or even 3 teams of 2)

    2. find eachother (if seperated) and figure out whos on whos team and all that. split up and FIGHT.

    tips: lazer pointers are more fun than flashlights.. if you can find different color lazer pointers that would be cool, but if you get transparent color tinted flashlight covers, it works better for figuring out whos on whos team.

    good luck, have fun, dont forget stores open early, so you'll probably only have 7-10 hours to fool around.
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    LOL...dubstar, you have WAAAAAY too much time on your hands.
    Sounds like fun though.:happy:
  5. cky

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    want to get better eh..
    well download podbot. play you vs. 5-8 bots on god mode.
    redo your config.
    drop OGL, believe me that will get you no where and find a solid CAL team.

    and someday my team may play you @ CPL :)

    also whoever said play 1600x1200 you are wrong..

    that moves too slow and your comp wont be able to render as fast when awping 800x600 is what i play in game. its quick and lets your comp render everything faster and makes stuff bigger to hit. believe me, dont worry about what your graphics look like, its how you play.
  6. Sazar

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    Between Austin and Tampa

    the difference when you go to higher resolution is basically textures... if you have a slower rig... perhaps... but if your rig is capable of 100fps @ 1600x1200 regardless of what is happening and has no trouble generating the said textures you are discussiong... there is not going to be a difference...

    if you want to play faster... play with a more sensitive mouse setting...

    you can see more stuff and more clearly @ high res than @ low res... if you have the hardware to be able to do that... there is no reason to play @ low res :)

    some people may enjoy playing @ low res... no doubt... but thats a personal choice... I can't think why you would say rendering is a problem... this is an ancient engine.. hardly taxing :)

    changing config settings triggers anti-cheats on many servers...
  7. cky

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    actually rendering is what i was talking about the textures. you will play better at a lower setting because your response time will be quicker. and when you redo your config it does not trigger anything although i havent played a pub in about 6 months or so. WWCL usually changes most things back to default, so that everyone plays at the same settings, but alot of the time they dont. + its a good thing to change your config so you dont get loss and choke and you should be changing other things and binding your stuff so you get out of spawn quicker.
  8. Sazar

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    Between Austin and Tampa
    yah... things like rate and stuff... thats different... I thought you meant changing settings in config like some people do to hack (i.e. give them unfair advantage by manipulating settings )

    as for the resolutions :)

    I have played everything from 400x300 thru 1600x1200 so I have a fair idea of resolutions... though I am probably not as good as you are... I see no degradation in play... and my sniping skills... though not l33t... are not that bad...

    the thing that you do need is a proper mouse sensitivity setting to allow you to respond quicker... :)
  9. cky

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    i play with 2.5 with no acceleration (stupid windows option) on 800x600 and it shows. also it depends on the mouse pad. lower sense sometimes have a harder time moving. i use a fUnc pad so its not really that bad. last year at cpl there was clans from europe using like 1.4-1.9 mouse sense. it was unbelieveable.