Genji: Days of the Blade Help on the ps3

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    Ok guys rented this game for ps3, game play if fun, but i am stuck. If anyone has this game could you plase help me out.

    Im stuck wehre you get the first girl in the game. I beat everything ont th bottom floor. How can i get to the 2nd floor to distroy the 2 other flower things to distory the door barrier?

    ok found my answer
    If you have already destroyed the three flowers then i believe you need to go inside and open the secret lever in order to get the secret door open in the moat. This will lead u to the burning building part where u have to find a key. If you are at the part where u have to destroy the three flowers and cannot get the 2 flowers on the roof then u have the find the slain soldier which is in the courtyard to your left when you first walk into the stage. Once you are over him it will prompt u to press 'x' to get the key. Once u have the key u can get inside the locked door and go upstairs to get onto the roof to destroy the flowers.
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