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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by G|ass, Jul 8, 2002.

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    I have decided to get a new GeForce4 Ti video card but I am not sure if I should buy the 4200, 4400, or 4600, or which manufacturer's card to get. I will be using the new video card in an Athlon XP 2200 system and most likely an ASUS A7V333 or similar MOBO with 512MB DDR RAM. I want good performance because I play a lot of games, but I don't want to spend a lot of money. Is there really a big performance difference between the 4200, 4400, and 4600s? And are there any manufacturers I should avoid or ones that have the best prices while still offering a high quality product? Many thanks for any and all info. I'm awfully tired of this GeForce2 MX200.
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    It depends how much you can afford to spend, SIMPLE AS THAT! :)... the 4600 is the best, but very expensive..the 4400 is not so good but cheaper.. same for 4200 or lower. So it comes down to what money you have as to which one you get.

    As for which manufacturer, Id recomment Gainward, Leadtek, Asus, Hercules.
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    or VisionTek
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    no visiontek or msi:(
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    with that system a Ti4600 is a MUST, LOL. It would rock.

    I got a Ti4600 in a 1.3 Athalon AMD/512 Mgb DDR and love it, imagine it in your system

    Mine is a Visiontec, wish I had gotten a gainward now. Oh well, Ill build a new machine in the winter when I got time and pop a Gainward in that (unless of course a newer better card comes out by then lol)
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    I had my eye on the Gainward GeForce4 Powerpack Ultra/650XP Golden Sample which is at GeForce4 PowerPack ! Ultra-650XP Golden Sample.htm. It's a Ti 4200, but Gainward apparently tweaks their cards, so it matches the performance of 4400s and it's only $193 American, but it seems like you guys think a 4600 would make a big difference, so I will probably get the Gainward GeForce4 Powerpack Ultra/750XP Golden Sample. Hope it's worth the extra $150.
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    Taking Toms Hardware Q3 Benchmarks, your paying $150 for 20fps more. Not worth it imo.

    VGA Q3 Benchmarks :eek:

    They use a high spec setup, it probably not worth the extra money unless you fancy gaming at exessivly high resolutions. Or is that just because im poor :D Id get a Ti4200 128Mb and clock it up to the 4400/4200-64mb model frequency.
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    Check this article out

    11 GF4 shoot out !

    Look for a card that meets your requirements, then search for reviews, see what you think, if you like it, trust your instinct! You don't want to waste £150 - £300