Geforce4 TI4200 issues

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by idabi, Nov 30, 2002.

  1. idabi

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    hey every1 as u all know thanksgiving day has the biggest sales around the US, so ofcourse i went shopping. ne ways i bought a PNY geforce4ti 4200 MAD CHEAP!(actually 79 bucks so thats ok i guess) but now my motherboard picks it up as a pci instead of an AGP which it is. right now my computer is mad gay 'cuz i have yellow/blue lines all over the screen so ima bout 2 put my voodoo4 back on(which i s also agp but is read ok)

    one of my worries is that i typed geforce4ti issues on and it has alot of cases of some other motherboard from gigabyte that has 2 b modified(frequency wise) 2b able 2 accept the GF4

    please if u have ne ideas as to wheter they have issues with the motherboard gigabyte 7DX+ or if u know how 2 make it read is as AGP instead of pci i will b very grateful

    and thanks 4 reading my continuos ramblings
  2. Rexy

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    kinda off topic... but 79 bucks for a gf4ti4200 is a good price... i got my gf4ti4200 2-3 months ago for almost twice as much:eek:
  3. idabi

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    off topic.... yesturday alot of stuff was on sale all over the country so all u had 2 do is wait a little early outside a major store(ex. filenes, best buy, circuit city) and ur garanteed 2 get stuff atleast at half price)

    back 2 topic.... i put back on the voodoo 4 'cuz the GF4 was giving me a headache so please some1 help me
  4. Rexy

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    well r u sure u don't have the apg 8x edition of gf4ti4200? if u do then maybe the prob is ur mobo doesn't support apg 3.0 (8x)... that's the most probable thing i can think of cuz i looked through gigabyte's site and i saw non of the 7dx revisions support apg8x...
  5. idabi

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    it is. in the box it says AGP 4X/2X and AGP texturing support

    another bit of information, the error code is "Code 10" so also it would b helpful if i knew what that was because it might b the key
  6. Nick M

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    Update your motherboard BIOS. That might just help...
  7. idabi

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    oh nevermind

    i found the answer and is quite gay i somehow overlooked that i needed a 350W power box so since i was going 2 im just going 2 order a case from ebay that comes w/ a 400w

    so sorry for making yall look at this forum